What Did You Think Happened in the Elevator With Ray Rice?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
I don't stray very far from my comfort zones of covering NASCAR, Tennessee Titans, and anything associated with SEC football. BUT, to all of the players on the Raven's squad that are saying things about still standing by Ray, or not showing the video of the assault on TV, or how seeing the footage has changed things... One question - What the hell did you think happened in that elevator? Did the magic knock your fiancee fairies come by for a visit?

Ray Rice punched his fiancee so hard she collapsed to the floor of the elevator. The fall included hitting her head against the elevator handrail.

What makes me sick is the fact that people can actually say with a straight face that seeing the inside the elevator video somehow changed things. As if seeing this person dragging an unconsious female from and elevator was not enough. Everyone of these players should be on TV saying that they can't beleive why they stood up for this guy. Especially if they have daughters.

Thankfully the full video was released by TMZ to force the Ravens, the NFL, and the public to realize what had truly happened... actually, strike that. Everyone involved already knew what happened but they hid behind the curtain.

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