Burger Poll! Does Burger King Still Get to Use American Flags at Sporting Events?

Fire up the Grills during your NFL, SEC, or NASCAR Tailgate! I love tailgating with family and friends during sporting events such as NASCAR races, Football games, and whenever we can fire up a grill. Which often includes Jimmy Buffett Concerts! Recently one of my favorite fast food restaurants and NASCAR sponsors announced that it was making an on paper move from the USA to Canada to avoid paying taxes. Keep in mind, Burger King is not really moving anywhere... just doing it on paper. Apparently they didn't like paying taxes for things such as the military, veterans, roads, bridges, infrastructure, etc, etc, etc. Which is fine... just don't lie about it. Move if you really want to move. I love Canada and if I ever move there you can bet I wont say it's for better football!

BK Racing Burger King Sprint Cup Car

But now the "King," no not the racing "King," but the Burger King - tried to slip a post in on it's facebook page showing a couple of young men drinking a frozen coffee looking drink while holding an American Flag. The question now is should Burger King use American Flags in promotional pieces such as those done online for promos or at Sporting Events as a sponsor? as you can imagine the replies are well worth reading. Don't get me wrong, if you want to move to Canada, or Texas, or China, or even Alaska to star in a reality series with Sarah Palin... go for it. I support you 100 percent. Just don't lie about it and then wave an American Flag in a picture on a National Holiday as Burger King did this summer.

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