Vote! Does the SEC have a Favorite Kiffin?

A Kiffin you can like?
A Kiffin you can like?

Tennessee football fans hate Lane Kiffin. That's a given... He left the program in ruins, used university assets to alert recruits that he was leaving, and never looked back as his handy work smoldered in the distance. For a coach that really has no good record to stand on it's amazing that this guy still gets jobs. Now, his influence will tarnish yet another college in the storied history of Alabama grid iron action. As an SEC fan I love the fact that there's a guy even more hated than "the Evil Genius" and "Satan's Saban" in the mix. But those are all in fun. Many SEC Fans may hate coach Saban and coach Spurrier... but they respect them. That's the difference... Lane Kiffin is not respected in the world of the SEC and SEC fans. He has not earned respect yet.

On the other hand. There is a Kiffin that many SEC fans respect and wish was coaching for their team. That Kiffin is Chris Kiffin - Lane's brother! Chris Kiffin is part of the Ole Miss Defensive Coaching staff and the Ole Miss defense laid the wood to Lane's 'Bama Offense this past weekend. He has respect in the SEC from more than the people that hire coaches. He has respect from SEC fans that buy tickets, support programs, and scoop up logo embossed gift items.

Now it's time to vote! Which Kiffin do you respect in the SEC?

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