Matt Kenseth says "You Never Know What's Going to Happen!"

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Kenseth is hoping that his past history at Texas Motor Speedway plays a role in the AAA Texas 500 but he admits that he has no idea what's "going to happen" at Texas this weekend. His numbers are pretty darned good over the years at the track with two wins in 24 Sprint Cup Series starts at the track. He places at the top of the list for active drivers with an average finish of 8.2 with 13 top five finishes and 17 top-ten finishes at the 1.5-mile track. But Kenseth says that he knows things can change in an instant with the new rule and chase format.

"You never know what’s going to happen at any of these remaining tracks on the schedule for the year," Kenseth said. but the bottom line is that we need to run well at all of them in order to stay in this. Up until last year, Texas was always one of my best race tracks statistically, but it’s a fun track and really challenging which I enjoy about it.”

Despite the possibility of some of the Chse drivers having a weird day and the fact that things are coming to a close on the 2014 season Kenseth says he loves heading to the track in the Lone Star State.

“Texas is always one of my favorite stops on the circuit because it’s a great race track and we always have such great fan support out there as well"

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