Was the WNBA All-Star Game a Success?

First, Candace Parker - Awesome!

Well, I've had one day to think things over since the WNBA All-Star game took place and I have to say that overall I think it was a pretty good success. First I need to say that the game was fun, the fans looked like they had a great time, the special tweaks such as mic's on players and coaches etc all made for a cool event.

Secondly, Candace Parker (pictured above) put on a show. And yes, full disclosure. I live in Tennessee and have always known she was an All-Star MVP! And to be honest, everyone played well and both teams had the opportunity to show their "stuff."

One Day to Think Things Over 

I know some players and fans have suggested that the game needs to be moved to a fresh venue. I get that, I understand that the game has been played in the same place several time over the last few years. And, to a degree - I think the game could use a fresh home. But, here are a few things to think about before fixing something that's not broke.

- UCONN - The WNBA ALL-Star game is played in a hotbed of NCAA Basketball. Fans in Connecticut love basketball and support the WNBA. OPTION - If you move the game to a franchise city it has to be one that supports and Ladies hoops. It should have a large population that supports sports while still being intimate enough to make the game special for players and fans.
- ARENA - If you move the game away from Mohegan Sun Arena then you darned better be sure to use an arena that does not look empty. Mohegan Sun Arena comfortably seats about 10,000 people and it's a sell out during WNBA All-Star games. If you move to a larger venue and only sell about 10,000 seats in a place that hold's twenty thousand then you you look like people are not interested.

On the Other Hand...
One the other hand I think if a place can be lined up that suits the needs of the WNBA, that works as well for fans as
Mohegan Sun Arena does, then the game should be moved. At least rotated to other venues that meet the criteria set by the WNBA. Here are a few points to ponder if you move the WNBA All-Star game to a different venue. Forget about players, coaches, game play and the typical lack of any defense in any All-Star situation except for the MLB. I'm thinking about dollar signs.
An All-Star game is a great PR tool and a way to open the door to new fans in different cities.
An All-Star game is a great PR tool for getting local media that does not always cover the WNBA to start doing so.
And then
An All-Star game
is a great sales tool to attract new marketing and advertising partners to a growing business.
And this as well
An All-Star game is a great opportunity to showcase the WNBA business to potential new franchise cities. The game does not have to be held in a city where a franchise exists. Why not in a market where a potential franchise could be started?
That's my thoughts on the WNBA All-Star game. As I've said before - I love All-Star games because I think it's an opportunity for players of any sport to enjoy some success without having to worry about stats. They also don't have to worry about making sure their team makes the playoffs. In addition, players not attending the game have a chance to hang with family and friends, take a deep breath and possibly nurse a few bumps and bruises.

Overall I think the WNBA All-star game was a huge success. Like I said before, there may be no reason to fix something that's not broken.

Photo by Newscred.

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