Breaking News: The New York Times Breaks Open Possible FSU Football Hit and Run Coverup

P. J. Williams, left, was the driver who left the scene of an accident on Oct. 5, along with two passengers, including his teammate Ronald Darby. Credit Cal Sport Media, via Associated Press; Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It looks like the New York Times has broken open a story involving a potential coverup and possible wrongdoing with a few of their football players. The story, written by Mike McIntire and Walt Bogdanich, does not involve the teams controversial star quarterback, and accused rapist, Jamies Winston. In this case the story involves two players and a hit-and-run accident which happened in early October. The Times is reporting that P.J. Williams left the scene of a head on collision which totaled the car he was driving as well as the vehicle he hit. The story indicates that both local police agencies and the FSU campus police were involved in the investigation that was apparently swept under the rug.

According to the article Williams was driving on a suspended license and that the official report of the wreck failed to appear on records. The story also indicates that the players involved were given preferential treatment.

"The examination found that Mr. Williams, driving with a suspended license, was given a break by the Tallahassee police, who initially labeled the accident a hit and run, a criminal act, but later decided to issue him only two traffic tickets," according to the story. "Afterward, the case did not show up in the city’s public online database of police call."

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