Can the Minnesota Lynx be Stopped in the WNBA West?

Lynx Down San Antonio for 10th Straight Win

Wow! Ten straight qualifies as a streak in any book. For Minnesota Lynx fans it means the team is sitting in a pretty good spot in the second half of the WNBA season. For Maya Moore it means pulling down 26 points, 10 rebounds and six assists as the Minnesota Lynx match a franchise record of ten straight wins as they beat the San Antonio Silver Stars 93-80.

``We were sharing the ball,'' Moore said. ``You have got to be really strong with the ball because their guards are really quick. So when we attacked and we kicked, we were going to be able to get open looks.''

The Question

It's a question that coaches and players hate. As soon as a baseball broadcaster mentions that an opposing batter has not hit a home run in three years the batter is sure to nail one out of the park. As soon as a football broadcaster mentions how great a player is at protecting the football a fumble is sure to happen. And now for basketball and the WNBA's other teams the question is simple. Can the Lynx be stopped?

Sorry Lynx fans, somebody had to write that headline.

The Path

If you're a fan of the WNBA, and are watching the standings, then you know there are plenty of games left in the season. The Lynx will face some steep competition down the road so in a game to game situation the short answer is "Yes" they can be stopped. On the flip side of the coin the question is can they be toppled from the top of the West? The short answer to that is... "maybe."

The Los Angles Sparks are over three games behind the Lynx and Phoenix stands seven games back. That means the Lynx would have to loss a string of games while LA and Phoenix put together amazing runs. In addition, Seattle, San Antonio and Tulsa would have to take down the Lynx but the schedule plays in Minnesota's favor with them having several out of conference games coming up. The first being against Washington who is five games back in the East.

Simply a Great Game

I'm not saying that the team will ride their way to the end of the season without hitting a few roadblocks. I'm not even saying that they will win a Championship. I'm just saying it's nice to be on top, even if it's only by about 3 games. Why? Because sometimes it's nice to simply enjoy a great game. Just ask Cheryl Reeve coach of the Minnesota Lynx.

``I just thought it was a really great game,'' Reeve said. ``I thought San Antonio played great. We had some really great offensive performances. I think our defense was pretty solid; I think (the Silver Stars') defense was solid. I just think it was really fun to watch. There was just some great individual play.''


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