How Bad Did Johnny Manziel Screw Over the Cleveland Browns?

Johnny Football has pulled one over on the Browns front office! Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Johnny Football has pulled one over on the Browns front office!
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

By now you've heard the news about Johnny Football's latest excursion into NFL puberty. If not, let me fill you in. Johnny Manziel had a party according to several reports, missed some scheduled team events the next morning, and treatment for his injury. He once again proved to many Cleveland fans that the rookie QB is living up to his SEC reputation as a complete idiot with money and football talent. Now the question is a simple one. Just how bad has Johnny "Fools Ball" Screwed over the Cleveland Browns? Now word has broken that the men responsible for drafting him have left the team (Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains.) So, now I guess it's "Johnny Train Wreck."

First off, the Browns burned a huge draft pick. By now the front office has figured out that Johnny "Not ready for NFL Football" could have been some other teams problem. And, he could have been some other teams massive paycheck. Now, it seems his off-field behavior may have trickled over and caused some issues with other players. OUCH! That's one HUGE problem.

Secondly, Johnny has wasted a whole season of free NFL college. Most QB's that come out of college and take on the back up role, with the clear knowledge that the job will be their own one day, actually try to learn the system and become a team leader. After watching Manziel play a few times it was clear that he didn't spend as much time learning the pro game as needed. He appeared to believe that slower college defensive players were going to show up to challenge him. Instead, he was unprepared when he went up against professional players. OUCH! That's two.

The third point is this. Cleveland has a pretty damned good starting QB in the form of Bryan Hoyer. Granted, Hoyer did have a slight meltdown during a few games that opened the door for fans wanting "Johnny Football" to take the field. BUT WAIT! The teams QB put everything on the line despite the flashy new rookie on the roster. Hoyer put up with the media junk, won the opening spot, and took the team to several wins during the course of the season. Hoyer even had the Browns in a position to make the playoffs. So, what did the Brown's do? They took the job away from the QB that got them a decent season and handed it to a train wreck in the form of a spoiled rookie. The third point is this... why would free-agent Hoyer, or any other QB that's available on the market, want to come to Cleveland to play with the constant distraction of Johnny Football?

Before things were over Hoyer was injured trying to clean up Johnny Football's mess and the teams third string QB, Connor Shaw, made the final regular season start. And guess what... Cleveland Brown fans loved seeing a QB on the field taking the place for an injured Hoyer who obviously put a little time in with studying the playbook and game plan. Shaw came close to pulling of a nice win against the Ravens. All of this begs the question "What the heck was Johnny thinking about the whole time he rode the bench while collecting a paycheck, earning checks from advertising work, and becoming a fan favorite without even starting a game? Did the possibility that he would have to actually start a game in case Hoyer got pulled ever enter his mind? Apparently not!

Does Manziel want to remember fans chanting "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny," after he wins a HUGE game? Nope - I guess he wants to remember chants such as "Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug" or maybe "Toga, Toga, Toga."

It's now easy to see that Manziel is not a professional quarterback on the NFL level at this point. Who knows, maybe he will be if he decides to actually grow up a bit. And, it's easy to see that the Browns are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. The only question is how long they will stick with a losing situation and how to make nice with their good QB's.... Hoyer and Shaw or a possible trade to rid themselves of the media circus known as "Johnny Football."

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