Is Your WNBA Team Leading in... Injuries?

OUCH! - WNBA Players on the mend!

What better way to head into a weekend of WNBA regular season play than with a look at the overall injury report from the WNBA. So, you're asking why do this? Why take a look at the injuries around the leauge that has sidelined players in the last few weeks? Simple answer... because the coaches of the other teams are. They are doing a little bit of planning on how to deal with injuries on their own squad as well as how they can attack week areas on other teams.

Here's a breakdown on some of the injuries around the WNBA East top three teams in the standings courtesy of

THE EAST Injuries - Top Three as of today.

Chicago Sky - Elena Delle Donne is the most recent injury to the Sky. Early word is that she could be sidelined for a few games or.... well, we will wait and see.
  • Elena Delle Donne: Foot - Most likely out for several games or out indefinitely.
  • Carolyn Swords: Knee - Most likely out for the season.
  • Sharnee Zoll-Norman: Thumb/hand - Probably out for 3 - 4 weeks 

Atlanta Dream - If you're the Dream you have to be thankful that the injury bug has stayed away for a bit of the season. On the other hand, missing Sancho Lyttle is a tough one.

  • Sancho Lyttle: Foot - Lyttle is probably out at least 5-6 weeks.

Indiana Fever
- Shavonte Zellous has stepped up this season but a case of Plantar fasciitis may casue her some problems down the stretch. And yes, it really, really, really hurts and could lead to bigger issues for Zellous if not properly treated.
  • Shavonte Zellous: Plantar Fasciitis / Inflamation swelling lower foot/tendons etc. May be back Friday vs. LA Sparks
  • Katie Douglas: Back injury - May be out of action for a while. Officially, indefinitely.
  • Jessica Davenport: Tibia/leg - Davenport is out for season.

Next time well have a look at how the Injury Bug is treating the Top Three teams in the West!

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