Ray Black Jr Hungry for 2015 NASCAR Season

Ray Black Jr. Set for 2015 NASCAR Camping World Truck season and some of Ma's spaghetti!

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Ray Black Jr is the focus of this week’s edition of my Sports Foodie article. The driver has announced that he’ll be behind the wheel of the No. 07 ScubaLife Chevrolet Silverado for SS Green Light Racing. Before we get to the food, how about a little NASCAR information! Black says that running a partial 2014 season for the team has led to taking on the entire 2015 schedule and he’s ready to go.

"We’ve got the full NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on the schedule for 2015 and I am excited about that,” an exuberant Black said. “I’m ready to get started now!”

Black, a Florida native, will compete for the the NCWTS Rookie of the Year award. It’s a title that he knows other drivers will be gunning for as well.

“Hopefully we can make something happen in the Rookie of the Year battle, but I know there will be other strong rookies contending for it so it’s going to be tough. We’ll go out there and run as we can and have clean races and finish races. We’ll let the dice roll and see how they land.”

Rapid Fire Sports Foodie Q&A

Kent: Before I ask grilling and food questions let me ask this. You’ve been racing since you were 14, and you have racked up some nice numbers as well as seat time. Are you excited about a full 2015 schedule in one of NASCAR’s premier series?

Ray: “I’ve waited a long time for this opportunity and now that it’s official I can’t wait to get it going. I couldn’t be more happy for the team; it’s a great group of guys that I really enjoy being around.”

Kent: Alright, you’re on the way to the track or getting a meal on the road, back yard grilling, or whatever. Do you have any favorites?

Ray: “I'm going to have to go with burgers, fried chicken, and chili!”

Kent: What about something special? Like a ethnic dish? Italian, Asian, Mexican?

Ray: I always enjoy any recipe or meal with any type of Alfredo.

Kent: Can you cook?

Ray: I pretty much stick to cooking breakfast.

Kent: Do you have any race day special request? Such as only carbs, or only protein based meals?

Ray: (laughing) As far as race day... Anything I can get my hands on that is unhealthy!”

Jude "Ma" Harrison with SS Green Light Racing's Co-Owner & General Manager - Bobby Dotter during Bobby's birthday party during Iowa race weekend.

SS Green Light Racing Recipe!  - Jude Harrison is the SS Green Light Racing team cook. She has been a fixture in the NCWTS garage for the last decade. It’s not unusual for members of a half dozen teams or more to come and visit the lady affectionately known as “Ma” at lunchtime on practice or race day. "Ma" says her spaghetti recipe is the meal of choice for the team.

Ma’s Spaghetti Sauce - Makes 20 servings

- 3 lbs. Italian Sausage – crumbled and browned

- Pepperoni to taste – cut into small pieces

- 10 cloves garlic, minced

- 1-1/2 (6 oz cans) tomato paste

- 1-1/2 (28 oz cans) crushed tomatoes

- 2-3/4 (28 oz cans) tomato puree

- Salt and Pepper to taste

- 2-3/4 teaspoons dried basil

- 1-1/2 teaspoons white sugar

Brown sausage then add rest of ingredients cook on low for about 3 hours. Add seasonings as desired.

Cooking Advice from Ma!

"Cook 3 pkgs. of spaghetti and cook the sauce. I do these ahead of time at home and take to track. In a large NESCO cooker which has been sprayed with oil, I layer the ingredients; Spaghetti Sauce to cover (See recipe above) Mozzarella Cheese sprinkled on sauce, Parmesean Cheese sprinkled. Then Another layer of spaghetti Sauce, etc. to top of cooker. End with cheeses on top."

About Ray Black Jr. Black started in motorsports at age 14 racing in the Florida Mini Cup Racing Association (FMCRA). After a couple seasons, he progressed through the asphalt ranks running in the Advance Auto Parts Pro Truck series and various late model series throughout the Southeastern United States. In 2014 Ray ran several late model races in addition to his limited NCWTS schedule where he proved his consistency behind the wheel finishing 6 of 7 races and completing over 92% of total possible laps.

About SS Green Light Racing: Owner Bobby Dotter is looking forward to working with Black again, “I was pleasantly surprised with how well Ray picked up the heavier trucks. He’s a quick learner and the whole SS Green Light Racing team is looking forward to working with him next season. He’s really a down to earth, nice kid and I’m excited about next year.”

One of the most tenured teams in all of NASCAR racing, the SS Green Light Racing team has run 335 consecutive NCWTS races, a streak that dates back to 2001.

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