Did Your Favorite WNBA Team or Player Step Up?

HOLY COW! - Let's Talk BIG TIME!

There comes a point in every season where you can tell that players are giving it their all. Now is that time of the season. A few things happened over the last few days that have made the WNBA one of the best professional sports to follow. Let's just say that sometimes a team or player "Steps Up!" Lets start with an amazing record setting game for Riquna Williams.

51 Points! Are Ya Kidding Me?

Nope, not pulling your leg. The Tulsa Shock's Riquna Williams went on a scoring frenzy on Sunday as she scored 51 points against the San Antonio Silver Stars. That's a new WNBA record for most points in a single game. Williams, after her team was eliminated from the playoffs, exclaimed the excitement she felt as the team tries to keep motivated for the rest of the season.

"I was holding back tears," Williams said as she recalled the moment she realized that the record was hers. "I banged up my knee on the play before, so it was a combination of me crying from pain and me crying thinking 'I just scored 51 points.' And to have all my teammates come hug me, it made me extra weak when they were telling me that I just did the unthinkable."

Storm Steps Up!

The Seattle Storm started the season with a whole bunch of issues starting with several injuries to key players. With a tough schedule and nay-Sayers in the media counting them out the Storm took advantage of their name - they found a way to Storm into the playoffs! Seattle had made the playoffs for the last nine seasons and won the WNBA Championship in both the 2004 season as well as in 2010. Even though many counted them out for even making the playoffs this season 17-year veteran forward Tina Thompson said the team was focused on the playoff goal.

"We knew before we all got together what we were up against, but we didn't have any doubts that where we are right now was possible," said Thompson. "So I think that because we had the same goal, we were all focused on doing that and be in this position that allowed us to be here. I mean of course there are a lot of outside things going on and expectations, or lack of, that people didn't have for us in the beginning of the season. But again, that's the outside looking in. We never felt how other people felt, we always thought this was possible."

The WNBA regular season is coming to a close. As the playoffs near you can bet that we are all going to witness some incredible basketball and possibly some history making moments along the way.

Stats by WNBA. Photo by NEWScred.

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