Can the Atlanta Dream Beat the Minnesota Lynx?


It's time for a rematch! WNBA fans may remember that in 2011 the Minnesota Lynx swept the Atlanta Dream in the WNBA Finals. It was not a pretty series for the Dream who now are looking for a little payback. The question is can Atlanta live up to their "Dream?"


Bear with me, this is a gut feeling article that is based entirely on my train of thought about this series. I'm not going to let stats come into play. Why? Because sometimes games are won by heart and effort and the stats are only good the next day.

The Dream is a different team from 2011 - with more firepower, despite injuries over the season, that is more than capable of putting up points. For some reason I don't see a whole lot of defense in the first game. I think both teams will come out trying to light up the scoreboard. I may be wrong, but a fast paced game may be the ticket for both the Dream and the Lynx. In that case, it may come down to a possession game at the buzzer. That being said, read on, because I think Atlanta may have to go a different route. More on that below.

A Few Notes!

Full disclosure, I live near Atlanta in South East Tennessee so we get a ton of Dream coverage and I guess I am leaning that way. I admit, both of these teams are stronger than back in 2011. Just look at Maya Moore for the Lynx! A leader in scoring with great teammates. On the Atlanta Dream side; I think the key will be to match Maya Moore on everything she does. If she goes on a run that has the announcers all excited then the Dream needs to do something to deflate that balloon.

It could come in the form of a few massive plays and huge numbers from Angel McCoughtry and Tiffany Hays or... a complete team effort.

Is it just me or do others think that in order for Atlanta to win that they have to play as a team, everybody going all out and working together? I think that's the only way to stop the Lynx.

Catching the Games

Game 1: Atlanta at Minnesota - Sun., Oct. 6, 8:30 pm ET, ESPN
Game 2: Atlanta at Minnesota - Tue., Oct. 8, 8 pm ET, ESPN2
Game 3: Minnesota at Atlanta - Thu., Oct. 10, 8:30 pm ET, ESPN2
Game 4*: Minnesota at Atlanta - Sun., Oct. 13, 8 pm ET, ESPN2
Game 5*: Atlanta at Minnesota - Wed., Oct. 16, 8 pm ET, ESPN 

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