WNBA Lynx and Dream, Falcons and the Atlanta Braves?

It's not an official poll by any means. I took a few minutes today to ask several Atlanta area sports fans how they thought the WNBA Championship game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Atlanta Dream would turn out.

Sadly for Dream fans, most people I spoke to felt that Atlanta would fail to pull out a win tonight. Yes, I'm a Dream fan and I admit it so my writing here is possibly skewed tonight. I hope they win and then win again and again. That being said, there were several surprise answers to my question on who would win.

Several people mentioned that the Lynx seemed a bit to confident heading into an away game. That's not surprising. The Lynx are pretty confident... they have every reason to feel that way. Others mentioned the lack of defense by Atlanta and the inability in the first two games of the series for the Dream to score points. Those were my thoughts exactly in my last post. 

But... they also said this. It seems that many people felt the Dream would go the way of the Atlanta Braves this past week in yet another failure in the post season. Some even mentioned the losing record of the Atlanta Falcons in the conversation.

I was surprised. For some reason Atlanta fans are equating the records of the cities other professional sports franchises to the possibility of the Dream losing tonight. Are Atlanta fans that bitter? I guess so. All I can say is that I'm about to settle in and watch some hoops and as far as I'm concerned the game still has to be played.

Both teams got where they are with hard work, effort, talent and coaching. The Atlanta Dream have all of the tools needed to win.

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