Thank you FOX for Screwing Up TV for Race Fans and Gear Heads

Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Thanks FOX Sports for completely screwing up TV for NASCAR fans and Gear Heads. Yep, I'm on board as saying that FS1 is probably the worst Sports TV Network ever... unless you count FS2. And you should probably not count FS2 because nobody has ever heard of it.

That is unless you are a NASCAR fan that searched for your favorite programming during the crucial last two weeks of the NASCAR season in all three main series.

In case you are not a race fan but are say... and NFL fan... here's an example of what happened. Imagine that last two weeks of the NFL season and ten teams are tied for the championship in the NFL, CFL and Arena League and the only channel that covers all three in depth is the AAATV Channel (Note: I Made AAATV up for this.)

Then, during the last two weeks of the season, with every point and extra point coming into play FOX TV decided to change the network that you've watched and counted on all season for information. The, they move your favorite programming to a station that you have to pay extra for.

NICE - you lost my viewership and probably any chance of getting it back soon. Really, change everything and move critical programming for a sport I really enjoy to a forth or fifth tier network at an extra charge. I already paid extra for SPEED!

In foot ball that's a "Flag on the Play." In baseball it's a STRIKE!, in basket ball - I'm going to the line for two and in a bar fight it's called a low blow. I hope somebody brings back SPEED and I hope NASCAR and ARCA Racing realize that FOX kicked them in the... (see low blow above.)

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