No Tailgating and Great Cheerleaders at the Super Bowl

Guess what sports fans? There are three Super Bowl facts that are not so trivia worthy that need to be passed along before this season fades away. First let's get the particulars out of the way. The Seattle Seahawks whipped the Denver Broncos. That's a given, we all saw it happen. I can honestly say that I felt like the Seahawks had a slight edge... but I would have taken Peyton Manning if I had a dog in the hunt. That is exactly why I don't gamble.

Number One - One of the Cheerleaders for the Seattle Seahawks is also a member of our armed forces. The New York Post reports Alicia Quaco serves as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. She had to gain approval from the military before trying out and even had to put together an proposal which she pointed out the recruitment possibilities. A salute to First Lt. Quaco and her service as well as her hard work for the Seahawks.

"It's a lot of costume changes. I don't get to wear normal clothes very often. And I have hardly any free time," Quaco told the Post.

Number Two - Yes, another great Cheerleader story. Did you know that one of the Cheerleaders for the Denver Broncos is the daughter of a former cheerleader for... wait for it... The Denver Broncos. How cool is that to have NFL Cheerleader blood running through the family! Brittany Anderson grew up hearing the stories of her mom, George Anderson, proudly cheering for the Broncos in the 1970's.

"I just remember always talking about my mom. The fact that she went to the Super Bowl. And just being all so proud of her," said Brittany.

Number Three - There was no tailgating at the Super Bowl. Whhhhaaaaaat? No haze filled parking lot carrying the aroma of charcoal, bratwurst, burgers and corn hole games? Every fan was shipped in via bus, train, or paid shuttle. I understand the whole concept of the public transportation Super Bowl parking with security concerns and traffic jams. But no tailgating... Ouch! I hate to say it, but we may have seen the end of Super Bowl Tailgating. Hopefully this does not carry over to the SEC, NCAA or NASCAR. Can you imagine telling my Talladega Superspeedway tailgate buddies to put the smoker and corn hole games away?

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