Sexy Sochi! - Sometimes Even Speed Skating can be Sexy!

I think  Russian Speed Skater Olga Graf  was so caught up in the moment that she forgot that she was not wearing a stitch of clothing under her skin tight speed skating uniform during the Sochi Olympics according to the Daily Mail. The Russian speed skater had already sent the home town fans into a frenzy when she won Russia's first medal. Then she followed up with as second great performance in the 3,000 meters... then she almost followed that performance with a little extra skin for the fans!

After taking the bronze in the women's 3'000 Graf took her cool down lap as she waived to the crowd of supporters who celebrated her Bronze medal time. Graf, like many athletes we've seen over the years did the normal hands in the air, facial expressions, smiles, looks of almost crying and then she topped it. Graf unzipped her tight suit to relax a bit, then she unzipped more, and it kept going all the way to her belly button. One problem... Graf apparently forgot that she was nude underneath.

It was fun, she didn't show anything that the figure skates or beach volley ball players don't hint to during the Olympics. In fact, her next reaction was better. When she realized the mistake she quickly zipped up, laughed and blushed and then held her finger to her lips as she looked at the fans as if to ask them to keep it a secret.

Pictures via the Daily Mail 

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