Motorsports Recap - Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR

Three major racing series put on their annual Memorial Day Weekend Shows on Sunday. Granted, one of the races is actually outside of the United States and has nothing to do with the day, and weekend, that Americans honor their fallen service members, but the racing at Monaco is a racing classic. Formula 1 raced in the Monaco Grand Prix, IndyCar represented well with the Indy 500, and NASCAR went late into the evening with the running of the Coca-Cola 600. Here's how things ended up.

Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix

Mercedes continues to be the powerhouse name in Formula 1 as Nico Rosberg powerd his ride to a dominating win over team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the Monaco Grand Prix on which kicked off the Sunday daylong showing of motor sports.

The win was so impressive that during the last 8 or 9 laps the coverage switched from Rosberg being so far out in front to the race for second place between Lewis Hamilton and rookie driver Daniel Ricciardo. Camera's followed the two as Ricciardo closed the gap between his car and Hamilton's as Hamilton reported over his radio that he was partially blinded due to track debris getting into his helmet and eyes.

Hamilton was able to hold off Ricciardo for second. Ricciardo placed third and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso finished fourth.

INDYCAR - Indianapolis 500

Forget Kurt Busch and the Double between the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. Ryan hunter-Reay decided to bring the focus back to IndyCar and the 500. Hunter-Reay continued a spirited day of driving as racers often went three wide with power moves not often seen in IndyCar racing. Hunter-Reay and Helio Castroneves swapped back and fourth until the checkered flag flew.

Hunter-Reay pulled ahead on the backstretch not allowing Castroneves to set up for a final pass and Hunter-Reay became the first American to win the race since 2006. 

"I'm a proud American boy, that's for sure," Hunter-Reay said. "I've watched this race since I was sitting in diapers on the floor in front of the TV. My son did it today. He watched me here. I'm thrilled. This is American history, this race, this is American tradition."

According to IndyCar only the 1992 Indy 500 had a closer finish. That was when Al Unser Jr. beat Scott Goodyear by 0.043 seconds.

NASCAR - Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Jimmy Johnson fans can take a deep sigh of relief as wins in NASCAR are much important in the points race than ever before. Johnson brought the Lowe's Machine home to the race track that once shared the same sponsorship name and that was often call "Jimmy's House." 

Johnson had a powerful finish in the closing laps as he pulled ahead of the field fighting off some late charges by Kevin Harvick and Matt Kenseth. With the win Johnson helps secure a spot in the NASCAR Race for the Chase.

The long night proved to be the expected hard on on engines as several teams faced breakdowns during the 600 mile marathon. These included Danica Patrick who lost a cylinder. Kurt Busch saw his day end early after trying to finish all of the laps in both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 due to engine problems. Busch commented how the end of the 600 symbolized the year his team has had.

"The motor blew," Busch said. "It acted like it swallowed three cylinders all at once, so it was real slow. It's kind of a shame. It almost symbolizes how tough it's been on the Haas Automation team. We gave it our all and were clawing our way back up. To feel the stock car right after driving an Indy car was a day I'll never forget. And I can't let the mood here with the car dampen with what happened up in Indy today. It was very special."

Image: NASCAR Media C. Tilton/Getty Images
Video: NASCAR Media

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